FAQ & Policies
Gingham & Posh offers gift baskets of impeccable taste, superior quality, & unmatched value. As a G&P customer, you'll receive exceptional service & your satisfaction is guaranteed. We feel privileged to serve you, & thank you sincerely for choosing us.

Q: Are gift baskets for everyone?
A: Absolutely! Gift baskets can put a smile on anyone’s face! We offer an array of gift baskets to meet your gift-giving needs for any occasion. If you don’t see the perfect basket on our website, please contact us to discuss more options to meet your specific requirements. And check back often — we often update our website with photographs of striking new basket designs! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, where we'll often post photos of baskets we send out each day: https://www.facebook.com/Gingham.And.Posh

Q: How do I order a gift basket?
A: You have a number of choices when ordering from Gingham & Posh. Our online ordering is perfect if you see just what you’d like on our website. If you have a more detailed or custom request, we also take orders by phone or fax Monday through Friday, 10:00 – 5:00 and Saturdays, 10:00 – 2:00. We’re also happy to receive your order via email. Also, if you’re ever unsure of which basket to choose for a particular recipient or occasion, please contact us – we are delighted to help you select a gift that you’ll be excited about.

Q: Do you offer local delivery for gift baskets?
A: Yes, we do. PLEASE CALL US FOR THIS TYPE OF DELIVERY! Local delivery is available Monday through Friday for any basket (we offer deliveries on the weekends during December). Please click on Shipping Info for delivery rates. When having a basket delivered, please keep in mind:
* Double-check your recipient’s address & phone number! If a basket cannot be delivered on our first attempt due to inaccurate information given to us, you will be charged a redelivery fee. *We prefer not to leave basket deliveries on recipients’ doorsteps, & we typically won’t, unless the basket is well-protected from the elements. Therefore, if you’re having a basket delivered to a home address, please try to let us know when the recipient might be home during the day. For example, would a lunchtime delivery work best? After 5:00?
*Some companies have policies or restrictions that may prohibit your gift from being delivered to someone at work. It is always a good idea to check company policies before sending a gift to someone’s workplace, especially if it’s a facility with strict security guidelines.

Q: How are baskets shipped?
A: Baskets are shipped via FedEx Ground unless you specify some other means. We charge a flat handling fee to carefully package your gift, in addition to the FedEx shipping charges. If your basket is being shipped within NC, SC, or VA, FedEx Ground will typically guarantee a next-day delivery. If you’d like an estimate for shipping costs, please contact us. Keep in mind that we cannot ship or deliver to PO Boxes.
*We prefer not to ship baskets containing chocolate goodies out of the local vicinity during the very hot summer months (usually late May through early September). We will abide by your wishes, but we cannot guarantee the quality of gifts containing treats that will easily melt during transit!
*Please let your recipients know that there is a ‘surprise package’ on the way – this will not only pique their interest and provide excitement, but also helps ensure that they will not refuse an unfamiliar package thinking it was sent to them in error.

Q: I don’t see any fruit baskets on your website? Does Gingham & Posh make a fruit basket?
A: Yes! We don’t picture a fruit basket on our site because this type of basket can tend to be very customized. If you’d like a fruit basket, please call us to place your order. We cannot fulfill same-day orders for fruit baskets because we buy fresh fruit each time a new order comes in. We also advise against shipping fruit baskets during the hot summer months (usually May – September), but local delivery is never a problem for this type of basket.

Q: Are basket content substitutions made?
A: We try our very best to create the highest-quality gifts on your behalf. We also work diligently to maintain the integrity of our gift baskets’ contents. However, please note that Gingham & Posh reserves the right to make gift basket and/or gift basket content substitutions whenever necessary, using items of equal or greater value. We hope that you’ll trust our talents and feel secure knowing that we take pride in our products, and will only use substitute items that we feel enhance the overall look of the basket. If we feel a substitution might substantially change the gift you had in mind, we will contact you for approval before proceeding with the order.

Q: I don’t see a basket that perfectly meets my needs – what are my options?
A: Please contact us! We love helping our customers come up with the perfect gift for any occasion. Perhaps you have an exciting and original idea for a gift basket that you’d like to ask about. We’re happy to discuss options with you. We’re available by phone and email Monday through Friday, 10:00 – 5:00 or Saturdays (during December), 10:00 – 2:00 (Eastern Standard Time).

Q: Can orders be changed or cancelled?
A: Once you’ve placed an order, we cannot guarantee the ability to make changes to, or entirely cancel the order. We are also unable to cancel or re-route any packages that have already shipped. Please check your order information carefully. The slightest errors in your recipient’s name, shipping address, zip code, and phone number can cause delayed or missed deliveries. There is no way for us to absolutely guarantee your gift will reach its intended destination, but if you supply delivery information with the utmost accuracy, your chances of having a successfully delivered basket are much greater. Keep in mind, if you're local, you can always pick up the gift in our shop to deliver it yourself and really thrill your recipient.

Q: Do I have to order a gift basket --- or can I just shop?
A: We love it when folks come in the store and just shop! Everything we offer is for sale, exclusive of being tucked into a gift basket! You're also welcome to come in, choose a few items, tell us your target budget, and then let us handle the rest --- we'll create a great-looking gift basket for you --- usually while you wait!

Q: Can you build a gift basket IN a Scout tote bag, storage bin, or cooler?
A: Absolutely! This has been a very popular option lately! If you're shopping online, please purchase the gift basket and the Scout bag, and just tell us in the comments section when you checkout that you'd like the basket contents IN the Scout product.

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